Jiro Kazushin
Arcana  Fool, Judgment
Weapon(s)  Reverse Blade

Deflection (Tech)

Element  Wind (Garu), Fire (Agi)
Persona  Horus, Osiris (Reborn), Mehen (Beast), Ra-Horakhty (Ultimate)
Super  Blade Rush
Health and Spirit
337 189

Description Edit

Enter description here.

Secondary Attack Edit

Deflection (Tech)
Take a guard stance and immediately deflect attacks. Direct attacks have a higher chance of dealing damage back to the attacker, while skills have a lower chance.

90% chance of deflecting direct attacks
10% chance of deflecting skills
Duration: Until next turn

Persona Fusion Edit

Jiro has the ability to fuse with his Personas, temporarily adopting the stats mostly affiliated with its Arcana. Personas with higher levels also grant stronger boosts, and any elemental strengths and weaknesses are adopted.

Fusing with Surt yields the following results:
-Magician Arcana boosts Jiro's Magic stats
-Fire affinity boosts Fire skills
-Ice weakness adopted
-Wind attacks are nullified
-Ragnarok becomes useable when Surt is Level 75+

Super Edit

Blade Rush
Rush your enemies and attack multiple times with a charged blade.

Strength +10
Endurance +5
Agility +10
Directly attack up to 5x (can target the same enemy or multiple enemies)
Duration: 3 turns or 10 attacks

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