Maika Osamu
Arcana  Strength
Weapon(s)  Tonfas

Feel the Beat! (Tech)

Element  Wind (Garu)
Persona  Bastet, Pakhet (Ultimate)
Super  Turn it Up!, Break it Down!
Health and Spirit
312 176

Description Edit

Enter description here.

Secondary Attack Edit

Feel the Beat! (Tech)
Maika's secondary attack increases her speed and attack combo, but also decreases her attack. There is also a chance that Exhaustion may be inflicted upon cooldown.

Decreases Attack for 3 turns
Increases Hit/Evasion rates for 3 turns
Attack Combo +2
Chance of Exhaustion on Cooldown +50% Duration: 3 turns Cooldown: 3 turns

Super Edit

Turn it Up!
Turn the music up to revitalize and energize your allies with an upbeat song.

Restores 20% HP for 3 turns (Party)
Restores 20% SP for 3 turns (Party)
Increases Agility for 3 turns (Party)
Duration: 3 turns

Break it Down!
Break it down to bring down your foes' guards and make them more vulnerable with a captivating song.

Decreases all foes' Agility for 3 turns
Increase foes' odds of sustaining critical damage for 3 turns.
Duration: 3 turns

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